TheBridge profile: Steven Olikara

Steven Olikara
Current job: Founder and President of Millennial Action Project
City: Washington, DC

Q. Job advice in three words?Read The Alchemist.

Q. What do young people job worry about too much?  Going along with a traditional sequence of “next steps.” The best lives lived have been non-linear and often unexpected. Staying on a safe linear path is fine but it robs you of maximizing your potential. Achieving one’s purpose inherently involves risk, creativity, and self-initiative.  

Q. Best advice you’ve received? If you think someone ought to do something, that person is probably you.

Q. Which Member of Congress is most tech savvy? There are a few good ones, but Congressman Ro Khanna is a true representative of Silicon Valley.

Q. How do you unwind after work? Playing guitar and writing songs.

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