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Tech and politics are colliding. It’s already happening; the ship has sailed and we want to make the ride as smooth as possible. So where does TheBridge fit in with all of this? 

The products and ideas coming out of election-related Hackathons in the Bay Area are innovative, but could they actually be used by campaigns? If you created a GOTV (get out the vote) platform but geared it toward voters, you’re missing the point. That type of technology is mostly B2B. Our hope is that after reading TheBridge for a few months, this founder would develop her platform using more context from the political world.

The confusion goes both ways. The United States Digital Service (USDS), a “startup” within the Obama White House, is one of the most forward-looking programs of his presidency, and the Trump Administration has indicated it will keep it going. But the vast majority of people in Silicon Valley have never heard of it. Why is the government unable to reach the tech talent it so desperately needs?

There’s an incredible amount of work ahead. I hope we can figure all of this out together.

Jamie Corley, Co-founder and CEO