Where politics meets tech

Self-driving cars, robot delivery, cyberwarfare, VR for military training and surgery. This only scratches the surface of how politics and tech are colliding. We have partnered with some of the most influential companies, coalitions and organizations in tech and politics to publish creative content, build out events and provide opportunities for thought leadership around the intersection of government and innovation. 

TheBridge is a network of the smartest, most creative talent in the world that has come together to shape the future course for how politics and tech collaborate. 

Team Bridge

Jamie Corley

Jamie is the co-founder and CEO of TheBridge. Preeviously, she lead PR and communications at LaunchCode, a tech nonprofit founded by Square co-founder Jim McKelvey. She honed her political skills in DC where she spent six years serving as press secretary for Senator Bob Corker and communications director for Senator (then Rep.) Shelley Moore Capito. She lives in San Francisco, CA and paints in her art studio in the Mission when she’s not building TheBridge. Favorite coffee spot: Stable Cafe on Folsom.

Allie Brandenburger allie@thebridgework.com

Allie is the co-founder of TheBridge. Prior to TheBridge, she worked with some of the most innovative tech companies including SpaceX, Uber, Google, and she has extensive strategic communications experience. Allie was deputy communications director on Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential campaign, she worked on Romney’s 2012 presidential race and Meg Whitman’s run for CA Governor. Allie knows Capitol Hill, she was communications director for Congressman Jeff Denham (CA), and understands political advocacy, having worked at political committees and trade associations on e-commerce, cyber security, data privacy issues. Allie is in DC, but has lived all over. She is a West Coast girl at heart and travels to SF anytime she can.

Alyssa Price alyssa@thebridgework.com

Alyssa studied politics in college and met Jamie while interning in DC. After university she pivoted to pursue her love of design. Having spent the past few years designing for tech companies and commercial real estate developers in the Bay Area she is excited to be combining her two areas of interest and experience at TheBridge